How hospitals can help civilians during disasters.


Status | Ongoing

Client | TeleTracking


Role | Design Lead and Assistant Project Manager

Duration | 8 months

Team Size | 5



TeleTracking who has worked in patient flow management for the last 25 years approached Carnegie Mellon University to help develop the “next phase” of their company. TeleTracking has identified this as the area of Disaster management. They believe hospitals can play a very big and important role during the time of disasters. And with their large pool of hospital data collected over the years, TeleTracking can help facilitate this.


Our Role

Currently in the research phase of the project, our role is to understand the entire ecosystem around disasters and find the best way a hospital can play a major role during disaster.  Currently, we are working through secondary research that consists of literature reviews and guerilla research and have conducted primary research with disaster victims, emergency responder, hospitals etc. 

We will be entering the generative research phase from the 27th of February 2018 and will start narrowing down on the scope for the project by jumping into prototyping and iterating on these as our research continues to inform the decisions.




We will be maintaining a weekly blog on Medium to document our journey through the project. This consists of a mix of writing, podcasts, drawings etc.  Watch what we have done so far by clicking on the link below.

Our Blog!